COVID 19 Risk Assessment

Bright Cleaning Solution Ltd is reinstating all the regular services for commercial and domestic properties from 1/06/2020.  During actively working time, we would like to make sure everyone is protected, and the job is done in a safe environment.

We introduce risk assessment for our employees to follow.

Following the rules will help protect our clients and employees but more importantly will help reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19 between society.

 The main methods of preventing the spread of infection are appropriate PPE, hygiene measures and social distancing.

1. All the employees had training on how to keep good hygiene at work:

  • Employees must wash hands (at least 20 s) after entering client’s premises and between gloves changing, and as often as required.

  • Disposable gloves (netrin gloves -provided by the company) must be put on at the start of work and changed every time they had to take them off for any reason.

  • Disposable face-mask (provided by the company) must be worn at all times during work at client premises (this mean the employee will put on face-mask before enter the building and will take it off after leaving the building)

2. All employees had training regarding social distancing:

  • Employees must work individually. If not possible they must always travel in separate vehicles and work 2 m apart from each other.

  • Employees must always keep 2 meters distance from other people.

  • If customers must stay at home during the service employee must clean all the rooms which are unoccupied first, after that, clients should move to a clean place to work in the room which was earlier occupied.  

3. The training was given regarding using hand gel:

  • Employees must carry hand gel (provided by the company) and use it between hand washes. This means if there is no access to the sink with fresh water and soap and disinfection is required, for instance between gloves change.

4. All employees had training regarding preventing spreading virus:

  • All employees must check their temperature everyday morning to work safely and protect others.

  • If an employee has continued cough, is not well, have higher body temperature, or any other symptoms which concern him /her is asked to report this to supervisor or manager and immediately stop work until further instructions are given.

  • If an employee is living with other people and in his/her household, anyone is showing any of the above symptoms. The employee must report this and immediately stop work for 14 days.

5. All employees had training regarding work equipment and products:


  • Due to COVID 19, all employees must use products for disinfection purpose provided by the company to regularly disinfect all hot spots (handrail, light switches, doors etc.)  in the premises this will stop spreading any bacteria’s and viruses.

  • Employees must use disposable cloths where possible.

  • Employees must wash washable cloths at 90 degrees to kill all the germs and viruses. One set of clothes must be used on the same premise.

  • Employees must use hoover and mop from this household only. Do not use the same hoover at more than one premise.


  • Dear Clients

  • Due to current circumstances related to COVID 19, we would like to ask you for cooperation so that we can work safely.

  •  Service can be arranged only for the house in which:

  • -  no one is or has been self-isolating in the past 14 days before the service,

  • ·  no household member has been travelling abroad in the past 14 days before the service,

  • ·  all household members are well and fit (without any cough and fever symptoms) if otherwise please contact the company immediately

  • ·   If household members have to stay at home during the service we ask if everyone can stay in one room and move to clean room after the cleaner finished the area (this will help to protect customers and our employees and stick to 2 meters rule)